The Actual Cost of Treating Head Lice

Have you ever sat down and calculated the actual cost of treating head lice? It’s not just buying the tools, shampoos or treatments that cut into your wallet. You must also account for the following:

  • The failure of pesticide treatments that have lost their effectiveness
  • Emotional stress on you and your family
  • Lack of sleep/rest (for you & your child)
  • Applying pesticides/poisons to your child
  • Countless loads of laundry
  • Hours of cleaning
  • Missed work
  • Missed school
  • Clothing, bedding and tools thrown out due to the head lice infestation

The average family spends approximately 3 to 6 months (some may even spend years) trying to rid their child of head lice. Typically, an over-the-counter chemical product containing pyrethrin will be purchased for the first treatment and then this is repeated in 7 days. Two weeks later, the parents realize their child still has lice. Next, they will try another brand of a permethrin-based product and then, again, repeat in 7 days. Two weeks later, they realize they still have lice. Totally frustrated and exhuasted, a search of the Internet will be done where “Professional Lice Treatment Services” guarantee the removal of head lice. At a cost of $200 per visit, this just adds to the stress! As a last resort, some will even call their physician where a prescription for malathion is obtained. Due to the lice paranoia, parents will also typically dispose of personal items, such as brushes, hair ornaments, and pillows; as well as spend countless hours cleaning and doing laundry. After everying, there is still a chance the head lice will come back. In which case, the cycle starts again.

Let’s look at the cost breakdown for this stressful experience.

Costs that can be calculated:

  • Chemical Shampoos and Lice Products purchased from the Internet: $200
  • Professional Lice Treatment Services: $200 per visit
  • Malathion (Ovide) 2 oz. x 2 treatments: $265
  • Replace personal items that were discarded: $150
  • Cost of missed work days (average 2 days): $500
  • Cost of missed school days (average 2 days): $175

TOTAL $1490

That’s a huge impact on your wallet and your family! This is exactly why the V-Comb was created. Why continue to purchase products that simply don’t work and spend valuable time hoping you’ve eliminated the head lice? The V-Comb not only vacuums the lice but is reusable through its innovated reusable capture filter system. This process is what the professionals use, but at a fraction of the cost! Why expose your child to chemicals, pesticides, prescriptions and mostly importantly, STRESS!